Artists began gathering in the Beijing Songzhuang Art District in 1994. In ensuing twenty years, Songzhuang Art District has been a gat- hering place for more than ten thousand professional artists, transforming the area into the world‘s largest, most creative, and most influential contemporary art district.

The establishment of Art Archive has transformed the Beijing Songzhuang Cultural and Creative Industry Zone into a new landmark for the cultural innovation industry in China, and possibly the world, providing comprehensive, detailed, and abundant archival materials. The institution is a high point in the development of contemporary art in the Zone.

In August 2016, Art Archive was fully approved by the government to register as a public institution with the Beijing Tongzhou District Ministry of Civil Affairs.

Art Archive covers a usable space of 4,700 sqm, with 3,100 sqm of exhibition space on three floors. Archive Collections Room, Library and Reading Room, Offices, and Collection and Auxiliary Space, respectively, cover 400 sqm, 500 sqm, 400 sqm, and 300 sqm.


9 April 2022 till 9 May 2022 Opening: 2 PM

Globalization, residing at the center of a multitude of disciplines, is an unavoidability in our society. It is an area of inquiry defined more by the questions it asks and by its purpose of study: the world as a whole and parts of it in relation to this whole. From another perspective, some see globalisation as the importance of multinational corporations as increasingly present and powerful players in today’s society. Globalization also refers to the rapidly changing process of complex connections between societies, cultures, institutions and individuals around the world. It is a social process that involves a condensation of time and space, a reduction of distances through a dramatic reduction of time needed.

Hu Jiebao (Director of Archive Art Museum) with Nour Nouri (director of Pashmin Art Consortia) and Doki Gao (co-curator)

It makes the world smaller and brings people together. At the same time, it is a process that expands social relationships by removing the relationships that define our daily lives from local contexts to the removal of global contexts, so globalization can be understood at a high level of abstraction. In the course of globalization and internationalization, the multicultural coexistence of different cultures has turned to be a hallmark of modern societies.
In the course of history,globalisation has been seen from early times but in a different pace.The first instances of grand ancient globalisation happened from east to west and now this is reversing from west to east like the circular waves, appearing on the surface of an enclosed body of water, when something falls within.The waves start from the center and become larger and larger and when they hit the enclosed wall, they return in the reverse direction toward the center. In a holographic world where everything is interconnected to everything, art is no exception. In the last 30 years, Pashmin Art Consortia has been involved in introducing artists internationally in Europe, China, and the US. Now with the recent quick pace in developing internationalization of art in China, Pashmin Art wishes to introduces some selected artworks, created in the last 30 years from 1990 to 2020, to celebrate three decades of international art and cultural exchange between diverse nations.This will show the range of art from the last decade of the second millennium to two decades of the third millennium.This exhibition will show the need for understanding others in contemporary world in order to have a better world for future generations.



Songzhuang Contemporary Art Archive Songzhuang Tongzhou, Beijing


Thursday – Saturday: 11 AM – 8 PM
Sunday: 11 AM – 6 PM